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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Dr. Kevin Davies


Many large multinational energy company leaders lack strategies to successfully enter and thrive in bottom of the pyramid (BOP) markets. The purpose of this single case study was to explore strategies using a purposeful selection of 7 senior managers from a U. S. based global multinational energy leader with experience in BOP markets in the Republic of Cameroon. The BOP concept served as the conceptual framework for the study. Data were collected through semistructured interviews with senior managers, relevant websites, and government publications. Several themes emerged that were narrowed through categorical aggregation to identify strategies. Major themes included BOP readiness for social entrepreneurship, field knowledge to facilitate partnerships, and customer service. Findings suggest multinational energy company leaders seeking BOP opportunities should create internal corporate structures dedicated to the BOP markets. Leaders should know how businesses operate and thrive in the BOP, especially when working with BOP governments and a poorly informed population. Equally important is product choice, quality, and reliability for the BOP market. Customer service and satisfaction metrics are necessary to support brands. Participants highlighted the need for positive social change to improve lives, which could occur through capacity building, entrepreneurship, job creation, enhanced governance, increased wealth, and improved quality of life for local people.