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Robert Levasseur


Leadership styles can have a profound impact on employee motivation and performance. The changing global business landscape has drawn much attention to transformational leadership as an approach that addresses the demands of organizations in this complex environment. The purpose of this qualitative grounded theory study was to understand the nature of employee motivation with regard to leadership styles and the role of transformational leadership in Egyptian business organizations. Seventeen Egyptian professionals were recruited through a combination of e-mail and telephone procedures and were interviewed regarding their experiences with organizational leaders; their perception of the ideal organizational leader; their feelings about the tenets of transformational leadership theory; and how leadership styles influence their job performance, job satisfaction, and the achievement of their career related goals. Data were analyzed and emerging patterns and themes were established, such as participants holding largely negative views regarding the majority of leadership behaviors and employee motivation techniques they presently experience and being very receptive to the majority of aspects of transformational leadership. These patterns and themes culminated in the development of a theory for the ideal leadership style for Egyptian employees. The study yielded information that can make it easier to lead and motivate employees in Egyptian business organizations, and increase the ability of Egyptian organizations to effect positive social change by way of leadership practices that allow organizational stakeholders to enjoy the positive impact on society of organizations that are better led, more productive, and more focused on a greater sense of social wellness.