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Deborah Lewis


Evidence demonstrates the health benefits of early breastfeeding for mothers as well as infants. The World Health Organization states, "Breast milk should be given within the first hour of life." This purpose of this project was to develop a breastfeeding educational toolkit to promote breastfeeding in the hospital environment. The question that guided this project was, "Will the development of a breastfeeding education toolkit, designed to serve as a learning tool to support the breastfeeding mothers, be found to be useful and valid by professional staff and lay end-users?" The goals of the project were to provide an educational toolkit aimed at supporting new mothers, and to validate the toolkit with stakeholders from the Mother/Baby unit. The benefits of breastfeeding and breastfeeding research were established through an evidence-based search of peer-reviewed journals. The developed toolkit was reviewed by10 stakeholders from the Mother/Baby unit: 1 physician, 3- lactation consultants, 5 nursing professionals, and 1 layperson of childbearing age. To assess the quality of the guidelines, the Logic Model and the 4 domains of the AGREE II Instrument were used. The descriptive data analysis from the AGREE II instrument led to the recommendations for the toolkit. All reviewers acknowledged the need for the toolkit as a support for the mothers and their babies. The stakeholders provided their support for the developed toolkit. The breastfeeding education toolkit has the potential to support positive social change by improving the health of the mothers and babies through improved breast-feeding knowledge.

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