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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Oscar Lee


The purpose of patient education is to provide patients and their families with the tools needed to care for themselves after discharge from the hospital, but shortened hospital stays, limited health literacy, language, and age can impede the patient's comprehension of the information provided. Researchers have found that the lack of effective patient education is related to 30-day hospital readmissions. The Power of 3 educational tool, designed by Sanchez and Cooknell, addressed the factors that impeded effective patient teaching by using the adult learning theory and low health literacy concepts. The Power of 3 was implemented as a quality improvement project in the Total Joint Center in October 2014. The purpose of this project was to assess the effect of an adult learning-based educational tool on the readmission rates for venous thrombus embolism and infection and on the effect on mobility in total joint surgery patients. This goal was accomplished by performing a retrospective chart review on 90 randomized patients, 45 before and 45 after implementation. The Power of 3 demonstrated a statistically significant change in the length of time a patient remained out of bed on the day of surgery after implementing the educational tool (0.75 hours vs. 1.514 hours, p = 0.0182, CI 95%). In addition, the number of patients that nursing staff documented who were out of bed was also statistically significant on the day of surgery (12 patients vs. 24, p = 0.0461, CI 95%). This educational tool can facilitate patient teaching by addressing language and educational barriers between patients and health care workers.