Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Dr. Myron Pope


This study addressed the implementation of the tutorial program currently in use at an urban school district in Mississippi. Because successful completion of assessments is a graduation requirement, the study site implemented the tutorial program to help at-risk students improve their academic outcomes on state-mandated assessments in Biology I, United States History, English II, Algebra I. The purpose of this study, guided by Bloom's theory of mastery learning, was to examine the perceptions of the teachers who served as tutors in the program. Using the narrative inquiry method, the research focused on the implementation of the tutorial program, the perceived impact of the program on the academic achievement of at-risk students and what changes would benefit the program. Interviews were conducted with a purposive sample of 10 tutors. Data were collected using open-ended questions in semi-structured interviews that were transcribed and coded. Emergent themes indicated the program needed more administrative support, better parental notification, and better communication between tutors. While the results suggested that the program was beneficial for at-risk students, recommendations were made to further improve the program's delivery through the development of an executive report to school administration and an evaluation report to stakeholders. Suggested modifications included designating a specific time for tutors collaboration and administrators taking a more active role during the implementation of the program. Modifications made to the existing tutorial program could lead to positive social change by increasing the academic success on both the state-mandated examinations and in academic classes, thus leading to increasing the graduation rates of at-risk students.