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Although a modest body of literature exists on accreditation, little research was conducted on the impact of accreditation on primary healthcare organizations in the Middle East. This study assessed the changes resulting from the integration of Accreditation Canada International's accreditation program in a primary healthcare organization in the State of Qatar. The study also investigated how accreditation helped introduce organizational changes through promoting organizational learning as well as quality improvement initiatives. Pomey's Dimension of Change framework and questionnaire was used to measure the effect of Accreditation Canada International standards on the perceived quality performance and the progress towards organizational learning. The study explored the quality improvement initiatives resulting from the introduction of Accreditation Canada International accreditation program at the institutional level. It also aimed to identify the organizational learning resulting from application of accreditation standards across the various levels in the organization. Applying a quantitative design, a structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 500 staff. The study used T-test, Spearman's correlation coefficient, ANOVA to analyze the collected survey data. The results of this study provided much-needed insights on the possible changes that organizations might go through concerning quality improvement and organizational learning. The results would potentially support a smooth accreditation preparation process and ultimately contribute to positive social changes at the level of the safety and wellbeing of the people accessing the health services in the community.