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Debra Piecka


While professional development on the use of technology in the classroom aids educators to implement new teaching strategies, little is known about teachers' concerns with professional development specifically for adopting mobile technologies like iPads in their classrooms. The purpose of this study was to discover teachers' attitudes and perceptions toward teacher training for integration of the iPad into their classroom instruction. Using a case study approach and the concerns-based adoption model as a framework, this study examined teachers' concerns about their training for using the iPads in the classroom. Participants were 7 teachers from a small, suburban, Catholic K-8 school who rated their lowest and highest concerns about using iPads in the classroom. Data sources included the Stages of Concern Questionnaire, Levels of Use observation rubric, and one-on-one interviews. Data analysis included open and axial coding for identification of themes and patterns. Results indicated teachers had little concern with gaining extra training on classroom time and organization and with conflicts between their interests and teaching responsibilities when integrating iPads. Results also indicated they had high levels of concern regarding developing working relationships with fellow faculty members to maximize the benefits of iPad training, as well as about receiving additional iPad training. Finally, results indicated teachers' concerns with acquiring more iPads for students, as well as acquiring greater network connectivity within the school. These results will aid administrators and designers with making positive changes to professional development that both improve and increase teachers' successful integration of mobile technology in their classrooms.