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Dr. Dana Leach


Research has shown that telephone drug reminder scripts can be an effective way to increase drug adherence and decrease health care costs for persons with Type 2 diabetes. The purpose of this project was to develop and validate a telephone drug reminder script for Type 2 diabetes patients based on evidence-based practice. Following a review of the literature, a telephone drug reminder script was developed for Type 2 diabetic patients to educate and improve drug adherence. Five local experts with at least 10 years' experience in diabetes treatment, education, and or research were asked to participate in the validation of the developed telephone drug reminder script. The 5 experts were placed in a quiet room and asked to review the developed telephone drug reminder script and complete an 18-question Likert-type survey on the design of the script, the content, and the process and time for completion. Each expert was given ample time to review and provide feedback on the developed telephone script. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze survey results. All local experts strongly agreed that the design was easy to follow and understand and that there was enough content to help improve Type 2 diabetic patient drug education and adherence. By improving drug education and adherence, 95% of the experts agreed that there would be a decrease in outpatient clinic visits for diabetic management. Revisions to the telephone drug reminder script were made based on the survey analysis. The validated telephone script will be used in a pilot study compared with standard of care in the future. The validated evidence-based telephone drug reminder script for Type 2 diabetic patients has the potential to improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs for those living with Type 2 diabetes.

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