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This study examines Monsignor Donovan High School, Toms River, Trenton Diocese, New Jersey's situation as a predominately Caucasian environment seeking to prepare students to adapt successfully to an increasingly diverse society. The author identifies the need for the students to gain a broader view of the world than evidenced by their school's population, examines the societal situations that led to the problem of prejudice in American society, explores the role of Catholic education in addressing prejudice and reports on polls of the MDHS Classes of 1994 and 1997 relative to their racial attitudes. Through a qualitative case study, the researcher reveals the objective and subjective results of student surveys and their implications. The entire study includes suggestions for improving students' views of minorities through multicultural literature and concludes with two annotated bibliographies designed for Catholic school educators striving (1) to learn more about their educational system and (2) to improve their schools' social atmosphere through multicultural studies.