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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)




Michael Ewald


Gaining information about competency within hiring practices is critical for hiring managers seeking to hire skilled workers, improve employee fit, and lower hiring cost. Employee replacement cost ranges from 30% of an entry-level engineering or aeronautical employee's salary to 400% for a high-level employee in those fields. Guided by the transformational leadership theory and the decision-making theory, the purpose of this qualitative exploratory case study was to explore the hiring strategies used by 4 hiring managers to hire employees for organizational fit. The managers work within the aeronautics and engineering fields within the Southeast region of the United States, which included metro Atlanta, Georgia, and South Carolina. Data came from semistructured interviews with the hiring managers and company documents. Member checking was employed as a means of reinforcing credibility and trustworthiness. The data were analyzed and coded and 5 themes emerged: job descriptions and job requirements, resume review and interview matrices, practical demonstrations, leadership training, and compensation and benefits. By implementing practices that management supports, hiring managers can succeed in hiring employees for organizational fit. The findings may influence social change in that if hiring managers select the right workers, the business may sustain operations in the community and thus contribute to the prosperity of the employees, their families, the community, and the economy.

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