Date of Conferral



Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)




Gregory Banks


Insurance companies provide financial protection to the general population, but their workforce challenges may destabilize the companies to the point of financial distress. Senior insurance company leaders lack effective strategies to recruit skilled professionals. With contingency theory and resource-based view theory as the framework, the focus in this multicase study was the exploration of the recruiting strategies of human resources (HR) managers in New York City area insurance companies. Four insurance company HR managers were recruited via a purposeful and snowball sampling method for semistructured interviews. These interviews were analyzed through a reflective interpretation process, which was guided by the van Manen method. Additional data were gathered through document analysis of the managers' companies' job postings. Participants reviewed the transcription of the interview by member checking and verifying the commonly identified patterns. The findings included themes such as applying strategy vs. tactics to job postings, building the pipeline before the need arises, and target marketing for the multigenerational workforce. By implementing executive support for strategic management of the recruitment process, insurance companies can overcome the barriers to recruiting qualified candidates. The findings from this study may influence social change by reducing the literature gap, enhancing the learning amongst companies in the insurance industry, and creating jobs in local communities.