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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Yvette Ghormley


In the United States, businesses have reported over 2,800 data compromises of an estimated 543 million records, with security breaches costing firms approximately $7.2 million annually. Scholars and industry practitioners have indicated a significant impact of security breaches on consumers and organizations. However, there are limited data on the best practices for minimizing the impact of security breaches on organizational performance. The purpose of this qualitative multicase study was to explore best practices technology leaders use to minimize data security breaches for increased business performance. Systems theory served as the conceptual framework for this study. Fourteen participants were interviewed, including 2 technology executives and 5 technical staff, each from a banking firm in the Northcentral United States and a local government agency in the Southcentral United States. Data from semistructured interviews, in addition to security and privacy policy statements, were analyzed for methodological triangulation. Four major themes emerged: a need for implementation of security awareness education and training to mitigate insider threats, the necessity of consistent organization security policies and procedures, an organizational culture promoting data security awareness, and an organizational commitment to adopt new technologies and innovative processes. The findings may contribute to the body of knowledge regarding best practices technology leaders can use for securing organizational data and contribute to social change since secure organizational data might reduce consumer identity theft.