Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Robert DeRoche


Evaluation and Improvement of an Advisory Program


John W. Van Ornum

MS, Brigham Young University, 1989

BS, Brigham Young University, 1987

Doctoral Study Submitted in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Degree of

Doctor of Education

Walden University

December 2014

This project study investigated the effectiveness of a student advising program at a rural high school in Hawaii. The advisory program was implemented to help students track their progress and prepare them for post-high school college and career choices, yet the program's implementation had not been evaluated. Guided by Erickson's theoretical framework, this quantitative study examined advisory participants' perceptions of (a) student-advisor relationships, (b) assistance in making post-high school plans, (c) advisor content knowledge, and (d) recommendations for program improvement. A descriptive survey was given to advisors (n = 28) and a random sample of advisees (n = 145). Descriptive survey data indicated that the advisors and advisees perceived the advisory program to improve student relationships with adults and the development of post-high school plans. Further, comparative analyses using independent-samples t tests found no statistically significant differences in the responses between the advisor and advisee groups in terms of relationships and developing post-high school plans. Advisors indicated that they needed more training, more time to plan, and that program evaluations should be shared at a faculty meeting. Based on these findings, it is recommended that the advisory program be continued, and that additional, ongoing training and planning time be provided to program advisors. Improvements to the advisory program will help school administrators and program advisors provide services that will better prepare advisory students for post-high school educational and career choices, thus promoting positive social change.

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