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This study investigates an important issue in mental health service provision, the level of parental satisfaction with staff interactions at a community based mental health center. A small target population, which included all families who had received services within a one year time frame, were surveyed via mail to determine levels of satisfaction. Parents responded to a questionnaire and data were collected to determine overall satisfaction, areas of service in need of improvement and areas of interaction which were most unsatisfactory. Additionally, data were compared to past study material to determine either an increase or decrease in parent satisfaction within a two year period. The results suggested that little change existed within the two year time frame. However, a marginal decline in satisfaction was found among the parents. Results indicated a need to evaluate the parents' perception of staff helpfulness and the staff's need to educate the parents in appropriate ways to live with their severely emotionally disturbed child. Additional recommendations included other important research areas within a community based mental health system, the application of individual interview procedures and improvements to instrumentation.