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Deborah Lewis


Healthcare costs continue to escalate and hospitals need to use programs that encourage cost effectiveness, reduce resources and staffing, and increase patient accountability for their own healthcare risk factors, comorbidities, and participation in their healthcare decisions. Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) is a debilitating disease with few treatment options. Allowing patients to have shared decision making in a care plan for this disease process that involves an exercise program may be a significant factor in the success or failure of their own healthcare goals and outcomes. The development of a proposal for an exercise program for PTS should provide patients with input regarding their healthcare plan and participation needs, reduce healthcare risk factors, reduce comorbidities, and increase participation in their healthcare decisions. Seven stakeholders were presented with the proposal for the exercise program for PTS via PowerPoint presentation and a paper handout. Data collection was completed via a 7-question assessment tool designed to provide formative feedback on the refinement of the project and to establish whether the proposed study was a feasible option for the intended vascular population. The analysis consisted of a review and description of all stakeholder responses. Eighty-two percent of the stakeholders indicated that there is a sufficient population, a perception of potential benefit for patients, and that adequate resources are available for the proposed study. Implications for social change include the potential that, through the future implementation of this project, providers could reduce healthcare expenses by decreasing the amount of follow-up and re-hospitalization, thus leading to improved healthcare outcomes.

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