Date of Conferral


Date of Award

February 2024


Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A)


Public Policy and Administration


Linda-Marie Sundstrom


There is need in the public sector to help people 60+ years of age in the safe, practical use of technology for business, personal use, and family interaction. This age group is targeted more than others involving technology fraud. The current study focused on which topics need to be part of Technology Fraud Pilot Training to reduce the victimization that is put upon seniors 60+ years of age. The project included measures that may improve understanding and safe usage of basic technology that is frequently used. These searches came from public administration, technology, government, city government, state sources, and others wherever they could be found. The project used Adult Learning (AL) as its conceptual framework. Adult learners are motivated by personal interests as they learn new subjects. Also, another concept employed in this study is Thematic Analysis (TA). TA is an analytical concept that is used in this study to answer the research question of the best topics to include in the study. The potential implications for public service practice are that it will help those that are the focus of this study in the community to learn better ways to use technology moving forward. Recommendations include a training program for seniors 60+ using Adult Learning Theory. The implications for positive social change are, the course can be expanded, improved, and used as a model and a springboard to help the community stay safe, stay abreast of changes in technology, and to function faster as well as better in society.