Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Jo DeSoto


This case study examined the effect of implementing the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS) on students with disabilities (SWD) in a county in northeast Georgia. The study investigated teachers' perceptions regarding the effect of implementing the CCCS in high school English language arts and mathematics classes on the academic success of SWD and their ability to graduate from high school with a regular diploma. Information was also gathered to determine if teachers offered additional supports to SWD as part of the increased academic expectations of the CCCS. In addition, teachers were asked about the preparation they received prior to teaching the CCCS. The conceptual framework that drove this study was based on Fullan's theory of educational change. The study was conducted using a qualitative case study design. A total of 8 teacher participants were included through a combination of individual interviews and emailed responses to the interview questions. Data were analyzed for common themes using key words generated during the initial round of coding. Findings indicated that these 8 teachers were offering increased accommodations and seeing less academic success among SWD than they had observed prior to CCCS implementation. Teachers also reported feeling inadequately prepared to teach the increased academic expectations associated with the CCCS, especially to SWD. The findings from the study support the need for increased, ongoing, sustainable professional learning related to teaching the CCCS to SWD.