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Derek M. Rohde


AbstractLeadership is a major factor in terms of motivating employees, leading to enhanced performance. A study was conducted to examine the influence of supervisory leadership style on employee work motivation and job performance in organizations, specifically in a K-12 school setting. The main goal was to determine if there is a relationship between type of leadership demonstrated by school administrators and its impact on the teaching staff’s motivation and performance. Data for this quantitative study were gathered and analyzed from various public and private schools and included a sample of 100 participants. The predictor variable leadership was assessed using the Implementation Leadership Scale, and the criterion variables work motivation was assessed using the Work Preference Inventory. Employee performance was assessed using the job Performance Rating Scale. Data were analyzed using SPSS. Results indicated that there is a significant relationship between leadership and work motivation, as well as leadership and employee performance. Based on the findings, managers need to determine approaches to working with their employees to improve motivation and performance. Results showed that implementing good leadership styles assists workers with work motivation and employee performance in the school institutions. Managers can use transformational leadership to improve workplace relations, morale, and ultimately performance.