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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Irene A. Williams


Inadequate innovation performance has the potential for adverse business outcomes. Business leaders are concerned with inadequate innovation performance, as innovation is a significant driver of business growth. Grounded in entrepreneurial leadership, the purpose of this qualitative multi-case study was to explore entrepreneurial leadership strategies that some healthcare business leaders used to catalyze innovation performance. The participants were six business leaders within three healthcare sectors who contributed to strategic healthcare innovation decisions using entrepreneurial leadership strategies within the last 5 years. Data were collected using semistructured interviews and a review of organizational strategy documents and websites. Through thematic analysis, six themes were identified: (a) innovation management, (b) innovation strategy, (c) innovation performance, (d) innovation leadership, (e) innovation and change, and (f) innovation orientation. A key recommendation is for business leaders to hire, develop, and retain talent by establishing a training program that cultivates entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, and behaviors that promote innovative work behavior. The implications for positive social change include the potential to inspire social entrepreneurship and innovation and support community leaders in solving healthcare challenges.