Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Laurie Wetsel


AbstractThe practice problem was a group of nurses practicing as faith community nurses (FCNs) who had no training in FCN practice, a specialty recognized by the American Nurses Association. This problem was important to address within the context of nursing practice because the nurses could have acted outside of their scope of practice and caused harm. The practice-focused question addressed whether a staff education program for FCNs would increase their knowledge of their role in a church setting with the goal of developing independent FCNs. The model guiding the project was the health promotion model. Eleven registered nurses were recruited to participate. A five-member panel of experts evaluated the test and the educational component using a Likert scale. The results indicated a change needed in three questions in the educational component. The panelists explained that the PowerPoint presentation did not fully answer those three questions. The PowerPoint was changed to answer those questions. Following a pretest survey, participants experienced an educational intervention geared toward the roles and responsibilities of an FCN. The posttest results indicated that nurses demonstrated an 84.5% increase in knowledge. This project addressed an identified gap in the knowledge of FCNs concerning their scope of practice. Results may allow the FCNs to function with an understanding of their scope of practice, which may lead to social change through better care of patients in the congregation.