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Nikunja Swain


Domotics is the integration of technology into building systems. Due to the rapid growth in the use of domotic systems in recent years, the industry is struggling to establish consistency and standardization. The purpose of this archival-based qualitative case study was to identify current trends and patterns in scholarly domotic research to create an instrument to evaluate domotic systems and domotic interrelationships using bibliometric searches. The facilities management and modeling system provided the framework for the study. Archival research data were examined to identify trends and patterns in domotic research and provide visualization of domotic relationships through technology trajectory mapping and technology s-curve charts. Text-mining techniques were used to explore trends and patterns in recent scholarly domotic research. The technology s-curve was used to determine trends and patterns in domotic systems design. The results included a tool for the evaluation of domotic systems, which may provide domotic designers with a tool to evaluate the progress of domotic systems. The study also provided results on trends in domotic technologies, which may be used to improve building design development.