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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Cathleen Colleran-Santos


Many communicable diseases can be prevented with the use of immunizations. The issue this study addressed was the use of vaccinations and the rise of continued preventable communicable disease. Researchers have recommended that children be vaccinated, a recommendation that is bolstered by the readily available supply of vaccinations worldwide. However, even with vaccine promotions, availability, and education, children continue to be unvaccinated and outbreaks have continued to occur. For this study, data will be collected from the Iowa Registry of Immunization Records and a local community health center pediatric clinic. Examples of data that will be collected are vaccine records, race, and language spoken. Also, data from questionnaires given to parents, caregivers, and medical staff will be obtained to discover their beliefs, misconceptions, and thoughts on vaccines. The sample size will be 35, with recruitment occurring when the parent brings a child into the clinic for a well child or sick visit. The questionnaires will be collected and analyzed by totaling the responses from a pre-existing Likert scale questionnaire.The purposes of the project are to (a) discuss with health care providers a project, that consists of reasons children are not vaccinated; (b) develop a plan to determine those reasons and how to educate parents, the community being served by this health care facility and health care staff on the importance of immunizations; (c) and promote vaccinations for the this community.

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