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Melinda A. Haley


Familismo is a complex multidimensional core cultural value in Latinx culture. But there is a lack of information related to Latinas who are undocumented immigrants and their experiences of familismo and family relations after the immigration experience. In the present study, a feminist hermeneutic phenomenological approach was used to examine these lived experiences. The purpose of study was to explore family relations as a core value in the lived experiences of Latina undocumented immigrants. The participants consisted of Latina immigrants over 18 years old who immigrated from Central America and who were living in a state from the Northeast without authorization, visa, or other immigration documents. The research questions examined (a) the lived experiences in relation to familismo and family relations for Latinas who are undocumented immigrants living in the United States and (b) how Latinas who are undocumented immigrants living in the United States experience familismo and family relations. The results were three core themes that encompass the phenomenon of familismo and family relations: (a) love and connection, (b) safety and support, and (c) loss and separation. Gaining an understanding of the lived experiences of Latinas who are undocumented immigrants can provide further details that may assist in the development of programs, services, or systems that can incorporate key cultural information to effectively meet Latinx’s needs leading to positive social change.