Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Amy White


In the Western Pacific Islands School District (WPISD), technology standards were last developed and adopted in 2008. These standards have not been revisited or revised. The problem is that teachers are expected to use the latest educational technology, but technology standards are not current for preparing students for the 21st century workforce. The purpose of this basic qualitative inquiry was to explore how elementary teachers use current classroom technologies to address 21st century skills as mandated by the WPISD, despite having outdated technology standards. The Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework guided the study in order to integrate pedagogy, content, and technology that targets 21st century skills. Twelve elementary teachers in grades K to 5 were interviewed via semi-structured questions using the basic inquiry method to analyze experiences regarding how they used educational technology. Data were open coded to determine the following themes: disconnect between standards and instructional practices, teacher awareness of future development needs, and preparation and timing. In response to findings, a white paper was developed to inform the district of findings and recommend that teachers would benefit from updated technology standards and consistent support in terms of adopting and implementing updated technology standards. This study contributes to positive social change by providing documentation to support the need to update standards that can guide teachers as they plan lessons that will ultimately prepare students for the 21st century workforce.