Date of Conferral



Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A)


Public Policy and Administration


Michael Brewer


The occurrence of military sexual assault cases within the United States persists to be a concern. These cases transpire within the armed forces regardless of a zero-tolerance stance towards sexual assault within the Department of Defense (DoD). The purpose of this research study was to evaluate current gaps throughout the DoD. The research question addressed the gaps in current operations within the sexual assault and harassment programs the DoD experience when implementing sexual assault prevention measures within the continental United States locations. This Professional Administrative Study (PAS) was structured through the lens of organizational efficiency by assessing the current programs implemented within the sexual assault and harassment prevention plans. The sources of evidence for this research study comprised of the evaluation of published studies, plus interviews with DoD senior level personnel and supportive organizations who center on military sexual assault. The recommendations for this PAS are the evaluation of DoD sexual assault guidelines. Additional recommendations are prevention strategies through education, improved recruitment methods, and an increase in evaluating cognitive behaviors, responsibility, and victim advocacy, and maintaining sexual assault personnel. The implications for positive social change within this study involve involuntarily discerning the measurable impacts from any changes made to modern DoD program standards. Adjustments from this research study may comprise of the decline of DoD sexual harassment and assault. Lastly, the intention of this PAS is to support eliminating these issues throughout the armed forces.