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Yoly Zentella


Law enforcement officers are exposed to occupation-related stress at a level greater than any other occupation, save war combatants, such stress can lead to suicidal ideation. There is a growing trend of suicidal ideation among law enforcement officers. This trend will threaten the stability of society if it is allowed to continue. Educational level has been shown to improve quality of life and is considered a quantitative resource. Using the theoretical framework of appraisal theory, this study’s purpose was to examine the moderating effects of educational level on stress and suicidal ideation among law enforcement officers. A total of 72 individuals completed the surveys. This study had a quantitative design implementing linear regression analysis to evaluate to what degree stress affected suicidal ideation, educational level affects stress, and educational level moderated between stress and suicidal ideation. Findings indicated that stress was a variable that positively affected suicidal ideation, and that educational level negatively affected stress. However, educational level was shown to be a nonsignificant factor moderating stress and suicidal ideation among law enforcement officers. A recommendation for future studies is to examine an alternate moderating variable such as gender differences. This study may inform positive social change through efforts to lower suicidal ideation among law enforcement officers and strengthen the stability of society.