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Public Policy and Administration


Gema Hernandez


AbstractThere is a labor shortage in the United States that is ever increasing due to the changes in the immigration polices impacting Hispanic immigrants. Historically, Hispanic immigrants have made significant contributions to United States employers. However, recent changes to immigration policies have restricted the availability of Hispanic immigrants in the labor force due to the reduced number of visas. These changes could continue to diminish the global competitiveness of U.S. employers. Using the human capital theory, this narrative qualitative study investigated the lived experiences of employers regarding hiring Hispanic immigrants and employers’ perspectives on the impact Hispanic immigrants have on the labor force. Employers were interviewed using a purposeful interview technique. Open ended interview questions guided the data collection. Data saturation was reached after four purposefully sampled employers participated in semi structured interviews and themes were identified including the lack of workers and immigration concerns. The results of the study support the reality that employers are facing labor shortages which are being created by the changes in immigration policies. The changes are impacting employers’ businesses and are presenting a significant barrier to employers’ success. The study can contribute to the body of knowledge and impact positive social change by providing policy makers insight into how immigration policies affect business and that changes to these polices are needed to reduce the labor shortage in the United States and allow employers to remain competitive and successful in industry and the global market.