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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Ann A. Hubbard


Education correlates with nurse performance and avoiding mental fatigue. This project attempted to answer the question, “Educating nurses on mental fatigue will increase knowledge” focusing on educating rehabilitative nurses regarding mental fatigue. The project was guided by the Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate model. Twenty rehabilitative nurses were administered a pretest consisting of 10 multiple-choice test questions. They received education on mental fatigue through PowerPoint presentations and handouts. After completing the education, participants were administered a posttest with the same 10 questions. An evaluation tool consisting of six questions was completed measuring an increase in knowledge after the posttest. The average score on the test before attending the staff education was 40%. The highest score earned was 80%, and the lowest was 10%. After the staff education, the average test score increased to 58.5%. The minimum score after the staff education was 20%, and the maximum score after attending the staff education was 90%, demonstrating increased knowledge. This project has the potential to impact social change as nurses can recognize mental fatigue resulting in enhanced self-care, increased nurse retention, and positive patient outcomes.