Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Marcia Griffiths


Despite 3 years of implementation, educators at McKinnley Elementary School (pseudonym) did not know teachers’ perceptions about whether the Wilson Reading Fundations Program (WRFP) was helping K-3rd grade teachers assist struggling readers with becoming proficient in reading in the elementary grades. The purpose of this qualitative single case study was to obtain primary teachers’ perceptions regarding how instructional components of the WRFP challenged or strengthened their instructional practices with assisting struggling readers gaining proficiency. Engelmann’s theory of instruction, Orton-Gillingham’s approach, and Engestrom’s activity theory were the theoretical frameworks that guided this study. Fifteen K-3rd grade teachers who implemented WRFP and have taught for 2 years or more participated in this study. Data were collected from interviews, classroom observations, and analysis of documents. A line-by-line analysis was followed by a coding matrix to categorize collected data into themes and patterns. Three themes emerged from the thematic analysis: impact of the program on struggling readers, elements of instructional practices, and the impact the program had on participant’s instructional practices. Findings indicated the need for a professional learning community for teachers to increase their knowledge and share their pedagogy. A 3-day professional development program was created to assist K-3rd grade teachers with becoming proficient in instructional practices to help struggling readers in elementary grades. Administrators and professional developers could use this study to make pedagogical changes, increase reading achievement, equip teachers with knowledge, and close the achievement gap for positive social change.