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Marcia Griffiths


In 2003, the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Education recommended that the early childhood care and education sector be regulated to improve the quality of programs. The problem is that the sector remains unregulated, and improving program quality in the private sector remains a challenge. This basic qualitative study examined private early childhood program administrators’ perspectives on challenges to improve program quality in Trinidad and Tobago. The research questions investigated the challenges private early childhood program administrators encountered in improving program quality and support needed for improvement. Ten purposively sampled private early childhood program administrators shared their perspectives. The conceptual framework that guided this study was Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership theory. Semistructured interviews were used to collect data and analysis was conducted using coding and thematic analysis. Three themes emerged from the data: (a) limited collaboration, (b) lack of finances presents challenges in improving program quality, and (c) training opportunities are needed to improve program quality. The research findings have implications for positive social change, as the results can be used to develop strategies or change policies based on identified challenges and needed support to improve program quality benefiting preschool children in Trinidad and Tobago.