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Rebekah Cardenas


Research has shown that transformational leadership behavior impacts team performance in a traditional work environment; however, no research has evaluated the relationship between transformational leadership and team performance in a virtual setting. Building on the theoretical foundation of Bass' 1990 work, this study examined the relationship between transformational leadership behavior and 3 measures linked to team success: work effort, perceived leader effectiveness, and job satisfaction for virtual teams. The present research focused on the transformational leadership behaviors of 41 senior executives in an information technology (IT) organization and over 300 direct report employees. Employees used the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire 5x to rate their direct report supervisors' leadership characteristics. Regression analyses were used to evaluate the relationship between transformational leadership and the preceding indicators for successful performance. The findings supported the applicability of Bass' leadership model beyond the traditional workforce. The results of this study will positively impact social change by clarifying how executive leadership behavior directs virtual IT team success, enabling IT organizations to better identify future leaders, and allowing organizations to institute training opportunities to develop internal candidates to become better leaders.