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John Harrison


AbstractThere is a problem in the state of Michigan’s evaluation system regarding the training received by those conducting classroom teacher observations. A performance gap between teachers and students and provides training solutions for classroom observers was identified. The purpose of this basic qualitative study was to explore the perceptions of school administrators regarding their preparedness and ability to conduct effective observations of teachers. Social cognitive theory and its six constructs was the conceptual framework used for this research study. Research questions addressed the perceptions of school administrators about the training they have received and their need for additional training. A basic qualitative design with interview questions via Zoom was used for this study. Thirteen participants represented high school, junior high, and middle school levels. Through the coding process, the data collected revealed two major themes, future training, and training needs, with subthemes for each theme. Results showed themes around future training needs, networking with colleagues, practical training and debriefing with colleagues, and the need for refresher training. Recommendations included continued ongoing training and networking with colleagues through an online platform. Training practices identified in this study may create a positive school building, district, and community culture leading to a positive social change in the relationships of all school and community stakeholders.