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Hyuk Kim


AbstractUnderstanding knowledge management is key to understanding organizational development and innovations. Inadequate knowledge-sharing practices in Nigerian educational institutions has impeded innovation and management development. The purpose of this qualitative modified Delphi study was to seek consensus among administrators from Nigerian educational institutions and scholars from Nigerian universities regarding knowledge-sharing practices that nourish innovation in Nigerian higher educational institutions. The organizational development framework was used to guide the study. Data collection included a nonprobability purposive sampling of 25 participants and three rounds of surveys administered online. A consensus was reached on eight factors after coding and thematic analysis: setting knowledge-sharing expectations, developing a culture of respect, holding staff accountable, enforcing a zero-tolerance policy, confidentiality of reporting, communicating expected knowledge-sharing behavior, open communication, and investigating inappropriate knowledge-sharing behaviors. The implications for positive social change include better knowledge-sharing practices for the organization and its communities. Findings may also be used to promote the use of organizational resources due to a better understanding of collecting and sharing knowledge within Nigerian higher educational institutions.