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Public Policy and Administration


Eliesh O. Lane


Failure of most rural-based nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Tanzania to accomplish their mission objectives effectively is a challenge that impacts most of the rural population. Researchers have yet been able to establish what resource development strategies could help rural-based NGOs accomplish their mission objectives. The purpose of this study was to examine resource development measures and management activities currently implemented by local NGOs in a rural district of Tanzania for mission achievement. The resource dependence perspective was applied to frame the research questions on what resource development measures and management activities support the local rural-based NGOs to achieve their mission objectives. A total of 21 participants were engaged from the local NGOs and government through semistructured face-to-face interviews. Secondary data sources included archival data and official reports. Coding, categorization, and thematic analysis was then conducted on the data. The results of these analyses indicated understanding and implementation of resource development was central for mission achievement of the local NGOs in rural Tanzania. The results also showed management effectiveness and the surrounding environment contributed towards mission achievement and in resource development efforts. Notably, the results showed capacity was a catalyst to understand and implement resource development measures to achieve mission objectives by most local NGOs. The rural-based local NGOs in Tanzania may benefit from the results of this study through positive social change by applying resource development measures for the provision of effective and sustained social services for improved community members' quality of life.