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AbstractThe practice problem for this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project deals with the lack of education regarding colorectal cancer that is not being routinely screened by nursing staff within the primary care clinic setting. It is important that nursing staff is knowledgeable of current screenings for current health issues within their community in order to decrease prevalence and utilize preventive measures that can improve population health outcomes. Therefore, the purpose of this project was to conduct a staff education project to increase nursing knowledge about routine colorectal screenings. The model used for evaluation of this staff education project is Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model. There was an eight item pretest/posttest administered to eight members of the nursing staff. The mean score of the pretest was 40/100, mean score for posttest was 95/100 on the eight item assessment, the increase of 54 points was significant. The utilization of a paired t-test to analyze the data showed a significant increase in knowledge between administration of the pretest and posttest (p= 0.00). In addition, Cohen’s d effect was 0.7 that illustrates a significant increase. Implementing a staff education project increased knowledge and improved routine practices of the nursing staff on colorectal screenings within a primary care setting. By increasing nursing knowledge through staff education about colorectal cancer screenings, this project can help identify patients at risk and ultimately improve health care outcomes within the community. Furthermore, all staff involved agreed that the intervention was helpful and they supported use of this educational intervention. The staff education project created an atmosphere in nursing practice that can impact health care disparities among at-risk populations to promote a positive social change. Nurses play a crucial role in implementing current guidelines in clinical practice that changes the social environment in a positive way that promotes the nursing profession.

Educating Staff to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screeningby Angela Kenyata Rayborn MS, Walden University, 2017 BS, Stillman College, 1999 Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Nursing Practice Walden University November 2021

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