Date of Conferral



Doctor of Information Technology (D.I.T.)


Information Systems and Technology


Bob Duhainy


Senior Information Technology (IT) military leadership cannot currently implement, maintain, and administer cloud data storage without the direct support of third-party vendors. This study explicitly impacts cloud practitioners, engineers, and architects requiring a most sophisticated and streamlined ability to safehouse invaluable data using third-party data storage. Grounded in the theory of planned behavior, the purpose of this qualitative single case study was to investigate strategies military leadership uses to implement third-party cloud computing for data storage. The participants (n = 22) consisted of cloud administrators, engineers, and architects within a sizeable midwestern city with a minimum of 3 years of cloud computing knowledge and 5 years of total IT experience. Data collection included semistructured interviews using Skype, face-to-face, and telephone interviews, and internal and external organizational documents (n = 17). Four themes were identified through thematic analysis: work relationships amongst AWS vendors and military technicians, the strength of newly created security practices, all training/learning curves are considered, and continuous safety and improvement. It is recommended that both AWS and military technicians continue to work together, promoting safety and security. The implications for positive social change include the potential for job creation and enhancing the community economically.