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Kenett J. Levitt


AbstractAn advertising agency is a professional service organization where workers create advertisements for the media on behalf of clients. The general problem was that leaders in advertising agencies in Nigeria were challenged with a high attrition rate, which was 43% in 2017, up from 40% in 2015. Attrition leads to the premature promotion of ill-prepared managers. The specific problem was that leaders of advertising agencies in Nigeria seem to lack strategies for succession planning. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of leaders in advertising agencies in Nigeria regarding succession planning in terms of whether plans succeeded or not. The 3-phase leader-member exchange model was the theoretical lens for this study. The focus of the research question was to explore lived experiences of leaders in advertising agencies in Nigeria regarding the phenomenon of interest. Data were collected via semi-structured audio-taped face-to-face interviews and field notes from a homogeneous purposive sample of 22 participants. Data collected were analyzed using the modified van Kaam model. Findings revealed that participants were aware of and used a good work environment, open management culture, talent management strategies such as succession planning, career development programs, compensation, equity, mentoring, and non-monetary perks to retain employees because they provide emotional and economic satisfaction. Findings may contribute to social change by influencing the improvement of people management, thereby boosting morale, retention, productivity, and continuity.