Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Bridgette Malchow


AbstractPersons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have significant health disparity in terms of high numbers of hospitalizations compared to the general population. The purpose of the project was to improve staff ability to recognize and respond to the changes in the health status of intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals living in a group home. The project utilized Knowles’s theory of adult learning to develop a curriculum suitable for adult learners and the Kirkpatrick model to guide the assessment of the training. Pre- and post-perception of learning and satisfaction surveys were provided to the participants online. A paired t test was used to analyze the findings of the perception of learning survey to establish whether there were significant differences between the pretest and posttest. The mean knowledge test scores improved from 4.79 (48%) to 9.5 (95%) at the end of the intervention (95% CI: p < 0.05). The analysis depicted significant improvements in the perception of knowledge of the participants in the identification and response of changes to the health status of people with IDD. Participants were highly satisfied with the program and stated they would recommend it to others. The project promotes positive social change by empowering the staff to provide person-centered care to people with IDD, thus reducing disparities in quality of care, decreasing cost of care, and reducing hospitalization rates.