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Human Services


Barbara Benoliel


AbstractBlack Baptist church leaders are potential male role models for their communities, however there is no straightforward guide on how to optimally support the adolescent, Black male population with life skills development. The research question that guided this generic qualitative study addressed the perceptions of male, Black, Baptist church leaders regarding their role as a support for the development of life skills for the adolescent, Black male. Thirteen, Black, male, Baptist Church leaders from the southeast United States participated in semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions. Their responses were analyzed thematically, resulting in the identification of four emergent themes: (a) conceptualizing being role models to Black males, (b) the importance of their interpersonal relationships with Black males, (c) their roles representing social responsibility for Black males, and (d) the value of investing in the future of Black males. Participants expressed a shared desire to be intentionally active in adolescent, Black males’ lives. The study results promote positive social change by illustrating the expressed need to expand Black, male, Baptist Church leaders’ structured involvement with adolescent, Black males through active participation as support roles aiding in the development of life skills for adolescent, Black males.