Date of Conferral



Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)




Kristen Chesser


Fundraising and donations are the main sources of revenue for behavioral health care nonprofit organizations (NPOs) worldwide. Economic, political, social, or health crises impact fundraising and donation sources for behavioral health care NPOs. This qualitative case study addressed strategies that senior leaders of a Lebanese behavioral health care NPO could use in times of crisis. The study also addressed the behavioral health leaders’ experience managing a funding crisis. The Baldrige conceptual framework was used to assess the organization’s effectiveness in seven key areas. Interviews with the senior leaders and analysis of the organization’s archival data were used to inform the study. Four themes emerged from the study: employment treatment, sustaining funding, organizational change, and new challenges. Recommendations included documentation of senior leaders’ decisions, creation of strategic action plans for significant changes, and recommendations targeting the Baldrige key factors. These findings may help NPO leaders to align organizational strategies with key processes and focus efforts on the achievement of organizational goals. Senior leaders could use these findings to increase access to individual donors or funds to build better community resources, such as improved access to behavioral health care organizations, schools, and affordable housing in underserved urban areas.