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Dr. Karina Kasztelnik


Research has shown that the leadership of a business can significantly impact employee performance, with dissatisfied employees performing at a lower level, potentially causing disruption and costs to the business. Several studies have documented the importance of small businesses to the economy in the United States, with small businesses constituting over half of all jobs. This correlational quantitative research study aimed to explore the relationship between the transformational leadership style of the managers of Virginia small businesses and job satisfaction and job performance. The theoretical frameworks used were self-determination theory and transformational leadership. This research examined how transformational leadership wkas demonstrated by managers in dealing with employees, as measured by the Transformational Leadership Scale, and what the employee satisfaction level was when managers demonstrated transformational skills, as measured by the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. A correlation coefficient was used to determine if a relationship existed. The sample of 84 participants was obtained from a directory of small businesses in Virginia. The findings demonstrate a positive correlation between a positive environment and employee performance. The results of this study demonstrated how using a transformational leadership style affects employee satisfaction and performance and how these findings might relate to improving small business management and outcomes. The findings may improve understanding of job satisfaction and performance related to transformational leadership and bring about positive social change for employers.