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Doctor of Healthcare Administration (D.H.A.)


Health Services


Donna Clews


High quality care consists of a culture that involves staff who are engaged and keepthemselves accountable when providing care. In 2014, employees described their organizational culture at the Veteran Affairs (VA) as entrenched and intimidating. An audit also revealed that in 2014, patients were receiving substandard care. The present study was an analysis of the relationship between organizational culture and hospital performance in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This study provided key stakeholders such as the VA administration an understanding of work climate as an indicator of organizational culture and how it affected hospital performance with the VHA. The VHA is home to the United States’ largest integrated health care system. The VHA has been compared to many other organizations, but few studies have been done within the VHA. Donabedian's structure, process, outcomes theory was the theoretical framework applicable to this study. This study used secondary data in a survey research design. It was a quantitative study using regression analysis to understand the relationship between organizational culture and hospital performance. The results indicated that there was a statistical significance between organizational culture and hospital performance. This study could provide positive social change to a healthcare community by sharing best practices in the VA system. This study will have the potential to influence policy changes that may improve outcomes for both staff and patients.