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Mattie Burton


AbstractUrinary tract infections (UTIs) have been identified as the most common reason for hospital visits among adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the prevalence of UTIs in long-term care facilities ranges from 20%-50%. The purpose of this staff education project was to implement an educational program to increase staff knowledge of proactive management of urinary tract health with the ultimate goal of reducing acute illnesses at the skilled nursing facility (SNF). Knowles theory of adult learning informed curriculum development and Kirkpatrick's levels of training evaluation guided program evaluation. The project team planned, developed, implemented, and evaluated the education program for nursing staff at the SNF. The project included 25 participants and the inclusion criteria were the nurses at the SNF. Data were collected using a pre- and postknowledge-based assessment and satisfaction with a learning survey. Data were analyzed through a paired sample t test, and overall, all the observed differences on every question before and after the education intervention were statistically significant (p< 0.001). The project findings will inform improved protocols for the management and treatment of UTIs by staff nurses, thus potentially enhancing the quality of life for patients at highest risk for developing UTIs.

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