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Patricia McGee


Higher education institutions (HEIs) implementing learning analytics (LA) use student data to improve the learning experience. The problem for LA implementation originates from individuals responsible for analytic programs from different institutional departments and the lack of a framework for communication and productive dialogue about usages of data. As a result, LA implementation remains isolated and disparate, which impedes universal student benefit. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore how HEI stakeholders use communication channels and engage in dialogue that occurs during the LA implementation process intended to improve student learning outcomes. The diffusion of innovation and let’s talk learning analytics (LTLA) frameworks were used for this study to provide a lens through which to view the innovation implementation process and the corresponding LA dialogue content. The research questions were developed to determine how stakeholders use different communication channels during LA implementation and engage in dialogue. In this qualitative case study, data were collected through semistructured interviews with 10 stakeholders from a single HEI institution. Data analysis involved inductive reasoning in identifying themes that addressed the research questions. The findings showed the stakeholders used interpersonal communication almost exclusively to share knowledge about the LA implementation. The topics of stakeholder dialogue included surface-level domains recommended in the LTLA framework. Positive social change could result from the findings through improved systems for student data use among stakeholders, leading to enhanced teaching and student performance and success postdegree