Date of Conferral



Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A)


Public Policy and Administration


Richard Worch


As the largest philanthropic foundation that serves the North Tahoe and Truckee region, the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation is the only nonprofit organization that implements a community collaborative program. The program is a partnership of nonprofit and public organizations operating within a stages of collaboration model. The purpose of the study was to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the program. A retrospective impact evaluation using qualitative methodologies explored the factors and indicators associated with effective collaboration. Network analysis and social capital frameworks provided measures on partnerships and relationships. Research in organizational behavioral science provided the outcomes associated with community collaboration. The study analyzed 10 interviews and 234 historical documents, and data were triangulated to explore the effectiveness of the program and its outcomes. The program demonstrates significant outcomes and effectiveness in these areas: (a) Purpose and Evaluation, (b) Partner Memberships and Partnerships, (c) Communication, (d) Behaviors and Attitudes, (e) Environment, (f) Resources, and (g) Structure. It is recommended that the program continues its efforts in these areas. The program is weaker in screening tools and assessments, shared data, sustainability, and financing. Taking action to strengthen these areas would contribute to effective collaboration. The study explored the stages of collaboration model and confirms the program is in the final phase. The study results provide other communities with an effective model of collaboration to solve complex community issues among nonprofit organizations and government agencies, promoting positive social change.