Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Barbara Hunter


A local school district adopted technology initiatives with the goal of transforming pedagogy to create 21st-Century learning experiences. The problem addressed in this study was high school teachers from 1 of the district's 4 high schools did not integrate technology in ways that transformed pedagogy and enhance students’ learning experiences. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore teachers' perspectives of and experiences and challenges with integrating technology in transformational ways. Mishra and Koehler’s technological pedagogical and content knowledge framework guided this study. The research questions were designed to understand teachers’ experiences, perspectives, and challenges integrating technology in core content areas. A purposeful sample of 12 teachers, who taught social studies, science, English, and mathematics courses and integrated technology in core content, volunteered to participate in interviews. Data were analyzed through coding and theme development. The data showed that teachers had technology knowledge and experience but did not integrate technology in transformative ways, exhibited positive attitudes and beliefs towards technology integration, and faced challenges with managing student behavior. Teachers shared they need more training in integrating technology in core content, methods to teach students how to use technology and digital citizenship, and tools to monitor students’ work. A position paper was drafted for district leaders to address teachers’ training needs. This endeavor could contribute to positive social change when district leaders equip teachers with knowledge and skills to integrate technology in ways that transform pedagogy and classroom experiences to improve student learning.