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Welcome to the 2017 Walden University Research Symposium. We are glad you can join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary of this Walden University tradition. The Research Symposium is an annual event that showcases research projects from our academic community, especially work by our recent graduates. If there is a theme this year, beyond their shared focus on social change, it would be research aimed at “assuring success” for a variety of people and groups. The presentations at a symposium appear in two different formats

• Poster presentations provide an opportunity for researchers to engage with all individuals attending the symposium and potentially to network with other interested researchers. New to this year’s symposium are poster presentations by local alumni who have continued the research they started as doctoral students.

• Using a roundtable presentation format, a select group of researchers is available for interactive discussions of their work, with handouts and visual materials available to support the discussion. For this symposium, we are highlighting the in-progress research by fellows associated with Walden University’s Center for Social Change.

The “magic” of a research symposium can be found in the interactions between presenters and audience, however. So, please, don’t be shy—step up, ask questions, make comments, and enjoy the experience.

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Research Symposium

2017 Walden University Research Symposium