Submissions from 2015


The Closed File: Practicing Ethical Communication to Ensure Transparency, Shaniece Bickham


Curriculum alignment with a mission of social change in higher education, Steven L. Danver, Iris M. Yob, Sheryl Kristensen, Wiilam Schulz, Kathy Simmons, Henry Brashen, Rebecca Sidler Krysiak, Linda Kiltz, Linda Gatlin, Suzanne Wesson, and Diane Robinson Penland

The Politics of the Hunger Games, Jamey Heit

Facebookese: Rhetorical Choice or Just Thoughts of the Moment?, Diane Tucker


Casing Sport Communication, Diane Tucker and Jason S. Wrench

Submissions from 2011

Defining the Limits of Citizenship in the Information Age: Politics, Participation and Rhetoric inside the Virtual Newsroom, Devan Bissonette

Elizabethan Ladies in waiting and the Privy Council; meddling women or political participants?, Kristin Bundesen


Encyclopedia of Water Politics and Policy in the United States, Steven L. Danver and John R. Burch

A different kind of professor, Marcia Dawkins

Passing as Rhetoric, Marcia Dawkins

Whoopi's Wisdom: Whoopi Goldberg as Children's Literature Author, L Pertillar-Brevard

Transforming, Interpreting, and Reflecting Upon Pedagogical Voice: Longitudinal Reflections of SoTL Research as Manifested in the Classroom, Diane Tucker, D Charlesworth, M Sullivan, and E Tolman