Lead Faculty: Faculty Supported Quality Assurance in the Online Classroom

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Presentation give at the 2014 Higher Education Data Warehousing Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylavannia, USA.


This session provides a model for faculty supported quality assurance in the online classroom to support faculty performance management and faculty development.

Peer review has traditionally been implemented to support classroom quality in the face-to-face classroom environment (Atkinson and Bolt, 2010). Bennett and Barp (2008) propose that the same needs for quality assurance and professional development apply to the online teaching environment as to the face-to-face teaching environment; online peer observation is a viable approach for addressing those needs in online higher education (Swinglehurst, Russell, & Greenhalgh, 2008). Peer mentoring is an established practice in higher education that can be successfully developed to the online teaching environment (Buckenmeyer, Hixon, Barczyk, and Feldman, 2011). Peer mentorship can support professional development for adjunct faculty members in the online environment (Rogers, McIntyre, and Jazzar, 2010).