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Welcome to the Walden University Winter 2012 Research Symposium in Miami, Fla. In keeping with the tradition, this symposium showcases the work of faculty members, students, and our newest graduates, all of whom have been working on a wide range of research topics and areas of inquiry. Each symposium is a little different, however, and it is not hard to see distinct themes in the topics that are being presented and discussed this evening. First, an increasing number of graduates and faculty members from our professional doctorate programs are participating in the symposium, and as a result, we see more projects that address problems in practice through local data and evidence. Second, for this symposium, we have a somewhat larger-than-normal percentage of new graduates, representing nearly all of the doctoral programs. Finally, several faculty members have returned to the symposium to update our academic community on their ongoing projects, many of which have been funded by the university. Consistent with previous symposia, we offer two formats for the presentation of research. Posters provide researchers an opportunity to engage with all individuals attending the symposium and potentially to network with other interested researchers. Within the roundtable format, a select group of researchers will be available for interactive discussions of their work, with handouts and visual materials offered to support the discussion. The “magic” of a research symposium can be found in the interactions between presenters and audience. So, please don’t be shy—step up, ask questions, make comments, and enjoy the experience. We also encourage you to use the “Contacts” page at the end of this program to record key connections that you make at this event.

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Winter 2012


Miami, FL


Research Symposium

2012 Walden University Winter Research Symposium